In case of any queries/doubts regarding registration, feel free to contact us: +91 8555020757 New Slots added for BLS,BSS workshops which is held on 28th October 2021 in Osmania Medical College. Please select all the workshops and events carefully. No further changes will be accepted.

Rules & Regulations

  1. 1) Basic registration is mandatory for all delegates who wish to attend OSMECON.
  2. 2) Those who register and are participating in offline workshops must submit a copy of a vaccination certificate detailing 2 doses at the front desk.
  3. 3) Prior registration is mandatory for participation in any of the events.
  4. 4) There is no spot registration for offline workshops.
  5. 5) All members of a team must register to participate in any team event.
  6. 6) Offline basic registration for OSMECON 2021 is inclusive of lunch, as well as optional participation in all passive events (virtual).
  7. 7) Delegates will be informed of accommodation charges and details separately on opting during registration. For details contact:8555020757
  8. 8) Online basic registration for OSMECON 2021 is inclusive of guest lectures, online workshops, and optional participation in all passive events (virtual).
  9. 9) The slots for workshops are limited in number, and delegates can choose only one workshop, either online or offline.
  10. 10) Plagiarism of any kind will lead to disqualification.
  11. 11) Delegates who register for offline workshops are considered to have provided their consent, stating "OSMECON or the organising team is not responsible for any health issues that may or may not develop during or after the event, and I am attending this event of my own free will."
  12. 12) Covid - 19 protocol should be strictly followed by everyone.
  13. 13) Delegates registered for offline workshops should bring their negative rapid antigen test certificate done minimum 3days prior to the event.
  14. 14) Successful payment transactions will not be refunded.


  1. 1) Medical undergraduates, interns can attend and participate in all the events.
  2. 2) Paramedical undergraduates and interns can attend all the events except Case Presentation, Poster Presentation, Colloquium.
  3. 3) Postgraduates are not allowed to the conference.