"The battle of thoughts"

Every coin has two sides, every subject too. Sometimes more!
Debate is a game of mental gymnastics.
Challenge your prowess of gab and test your medical proficiency in this invigorating event.
Let your words set the stage on fire!

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  1. 1) The participants will be segregated into the affirmative and negative debaters on a random basis prior to the event.
  2. 2) The event will be conducted in prelims and finals..
  3. 3) Prelims will have 2 rounds.
  4.     a) Prelims will be held on 29th Oct 2021.
        b) Topic for prelims will be announced 1 week prior to the event on 22nd Oct 2021.
        c) In round 1, 3 minutes will be given to present their argument.
        d) In round 2, 1 minutes will be given for rebuttal.
  5. 4) Finals will be held on 30th Oct 2021.
  6. 5) Topic for final will be given on 29th Oct 2021.One team with the affirmative and the other with the negative debaters.
  7. 6) Every participant will be judged on their content, diction, delivery and presentation and their argument.
  8. 7) The other nuanced rules and regulations shall be notified during or prior to the event.
  9. 8) Winners will be declared in the valedictory ceremony only.


Will be revealed soon.