"Bring out the Dr. House in you"

Have you ever seen clinical scenarios where even the intricate details fit perfectly as pieces of a puzzle?
Have you ever had that adrenaline rush when you jot down the presentation and findings of a case down to a certain word, the diagnosis?
A fun filled event where you learn while you enjoy, your enthusiasm at peaks and your heart beating in synchrony to the diagnosis.
So, focus on the presentation, scrutinize the investigations and
trace back through the treatment, hither and thither like a rollercoaster ride to reach your one destination, the diagnosis.
So, do you dare or do you dare?

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  1. 1) The event is open to undergraduates and interns only. Post-interns are not allowed.
  2. 2) Teams are restricted to 3 members. Inter-college teams are allowed.
  3. 3) The format is- a written preliminary round, followed by further rounds for the best 8 teams, who will be seated on the stage.
  4. 4) The teams on the stage will be awarded certificates. The top two teams will also be given 'Winner' and 'Runner-up' prizes. The next two teams will be given mementoes.
  5. 5) In case of discordance regarding the questions, the judges will clarify the same and their decision will be conclusive.