"Minimalism at its best"

A pinch of information, a dash of innovation,
Stir vigorously until fully combined
And bring us a poster so replete with creativity
That it completely blows our minds!

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  1. - Only digital posters in print are accepted.
  2. - Poster size should not exceed 4ft x 3ft.
  3. 1) Registrations for poster presentation will be done on a first-come-first-served basis due to limited slots.
  4. 2) Teams should consist of a maximum of 3 members.
  5. 3) Only one delegate in the team is allowed to present the poster. However questions can be answered by any of the team members.
  6. 4) Only e-posters in landscape orientation are accepted.
  7. 5) E-posters should be sent to along with passport size photo of the delegate in PDF format
  8. 6) Plagiarism of any type will lead to disqualification.
  9. 7) All information must appear within one slide only.
  10. 8) Resolution of the e-poster should be 1920×1080 pixels.
  11. 9) Selected teams have to present their posters on the day of event.
  12. 10) Delegates will be allotted a time of 7 minutes in total: 4 minutes to explain their poster and 3 minutes for questions by jury.
  13. 11) Prizes will be given for overall best poster presentation, best poster and best presenter.
  14. 12) Winners will be declared in the valedictory ceremony only.
Why choose Us?


  1. 1) Sound:Friend and Foe
  2. 2) Accelarating Recovery from Covid-19