"A medical rhapsody"

"Got knack for drama?"
"Always looking for answers?"
"Equipped with technical skills?"
"Or you've got them all?"
OSMECON Research symposium provides a platform for you to showcase your talent in narrating a story ,
skill in medical research and finesse in technology; Ergo a blend of art and research.
It provides deeper insight into research story, and a fun way of presenting it for both the participants and audience alike.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  1. 1) Teams should consist of a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 members, including the speakers, the researchers and the techies and all of them should be undergraduates (including interns).
  2. 2) The symposium should have a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 speakers in total.
  3. 3) No speaker is allowed to carry a paper or look into one while delivering the symposium.
  4. 4) Interested teams must send in the abstracts of not more than 450 words (From Title to before the deadline (i.e. 15th July 2019) in the form of a Word document (.doc or .docx). Any abstracts submitted beyond this deadline will not be screened for presentation in prelims.
  5. 5) The abstract should contain the following in the order:
      a) Title of Symposium.
      b) Names of members of the Symposium Team each with their College name, Registration Number and Designation as a Speaker/Techie/Researcher/or a combination thereof.
      c) Title of the Research done, along with the Guide's name and designation.
      d) Introduction and Background of the Study.
      e) Aims and Objectives.
      f) Materials and Methods.
      g) Analysis and Results.
      h) Ethics Committee Approval Documents.
      i) Questionnaire and Consent Forms.
  6. 6) Teams are free to choose their own topics.However, the topic should be medically relevant.
  7. 7) The symposium is to be accompanied with an audio-visual presentation, content of which should be directly related to the research done. Speaking about the methodology and results of the research should take only 3-4 minutes of the Symposium. Details regarding the statistics should be included.
  8. 8) The visuals can be projected using a PowerPoint file (.ppt or .pptx) or as a video file(.MP4/.WMV/.AVI only). Kindly ensure the presentation is compatible with the software and plays appropriately.
  9. 9) Presentation if made as a powerpoint, is to be made using MS Powerpoint 2010 or higher versions only.Powerpoint made in other versions need to be made 2013/2016 compatible.
  10. 10) The audio should be only background music,which should not overcome the voice of the speakers and should be incorporated into the presentation itself. No other form of audio accompanying the video will be allowed.
  11. 11) Teams need to bring their own laptops with a projector port. Only VGA cable shall be provided and please do bring converters if you have an HDMI port.(Avoid MacBooks).
  12. 12) The presenters will be given a total of 15 minutes time - 12 minutes for presenting their symposium and 3 minutes for rebuttal, 2 minutes of which will be the rebuttal by the judges and 1 minute by the audience. Separate marks are allotted for the rebuttal by both the judges and audience individually. Points will be deducted from final score for exceeding the time limit by even one minute.
  13. 13) The teams will be judged as per the following parameters:
      A) Research- topic, it's content and results.
      B) Poise and diction of the speakers.
      C) Audiovisual presentation, its contents and effects.
      D) Theatrical staging of the symposium.
      E) Adherence to time limit.
      F) Response to questions from judges' panel.
      G) Response to questions from the audience.
  14. 14) Formal dressing is essential, speakers should preferably wear blazers and carry their Osmecon Registration ID card.
  15. 15) The teams selected for prelims presentation will be listed on the website and the delegates will be given further information.
  16. 16) Prelims will be conducted as a screening round on days 1 and 2 of the conference, i.e, on the 10th and 11th of August 2018, from which selected teams will move to the final round.
  17. 17) The teams selected for the Final Event shall be announced on day 2 i.e, August 9, 2019 (Post Lunch).
  18. 18) Winners shall be announced only in the Valedictory Ceremony at the end of the conference.
  19. 19) Name of the institution should not be revealed at any point, during the presentation or rebuttal round.
  20. 20) If a member of any team is found violating any of the above rules, the team is liable to be disqualified.

Selected Abstracts

Decision regarding the selected abstracts, by the Faculty Advisors is final. No queries will be entertained in this regard. Selected cases must submit a copy of the case presentation on or before 1st August 2019.

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