"Ace the game of medicine"

Exhibit your academic prowess, put on display your magnificent memory and in-depth knowledge,while you gain much more .
Win exciting prize-money and go home smarter than before.
Break out of the mundane routines of passive learning.
Discover new-invigorating ways to broaden your spectrum of knowledge &
make the most of this fun-filled quizzing session set to soar your passion for medicine high.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  1. 1) The quiz is open to all undergraduates and interns.
  2. 2) Teams will comprise of 2 people. Mixes college teams are allowed.
  3. 3) Registrations have to be done in advance.
  4. 4) To understand the style of questions in MedQuiz, check out our social media pages and YouTube channel for previous editions.
  5. 5) The format includes two steps.
  6.   a) A written preliminary round.   b) Followed by the final round which will be between the 8 best teams and will be conducted on stage.
  7. 6) There is an amazing range of prizes for all finalists as well as the audience during the quiz.
  8. 7) For any queries, please contact the OSMECON team or connect with us via our social media pages.