"Ace the game of medicine"

Exhibit your academic prowess, put on display your magnificent memory and in-depth knowledge,while you gain much more .
Win exciting prize-money and go home smarter than before.
Break out of the mundane routines of passive learning.
Discover new-invigorating ways to broaden your spectrum of knowledge &
make the most of this fun-filled quizzing session set to soar your passion for medicine high.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  1. 1) Teams are restricted to 2 members. Inter-college teams are allowed.
  2. 2) The format is - a written preliminary round, followed by further rounds for the best 8 teams.
  3. 3) The teams on the stage will be awarded certificates.
  4. 4) The top two teams will be awarded 'Winner' and 'Runner-up' prizes.

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