"Ace the game of medicine"

Exhibit your academic prowess, put on display your magnificent memory and in-depth knowledge,while you gain much more .
Win exciting prize-money and go home smarter than before.
Break out of the mundane routines of passive learning.
Discover new-invigorating ways to broaden your spectrum of knowledge &
make the most of this fun-filled quizzing session set to soar your passion for medicine high.


  1. 1)Only MBBS students and INTERNS are eligible.
  2. 2)Registration is mandatory and it is free.
  3. 3)PATTERN:- Quiz will be conducted in 3 levels i.e; level 1,level 2 and a final round.
  4. 4)For level 1 and 2,there will be a set of 25 questions,carrying one mark each.
  5. 5)After the level 2, both the scores of level 1 and level 2 are combined.
  6. 6)Those who score 30 or more than 30 for 50 are eligible for final round.
  7. 7)Final round consists of 30 questions(each carrying a single mark).
  8. 8)Highest scorers will be awarded as winners (1,2&3 prizes).
  9. 9)Links of questionnaire will be uploaded in our OSMECON's online MEDQUIZ 2020 Telegram channel for level 1 and level 2 on 28th and 29th of May 2020 respectively.
  10. Our telegram channel link will be sent to registered students few days before level 1 and level 2 of quiz.
  11. The registered student must have Telegram account and join our Telegram channel in order to participate in quiz.
  12. 10)Final round questionnaire links will be sent to respective mobile number (Whatsapp)of eligible students,on 1st June 2020.
  13. 11)Winners will be declared on our social media platforms.
  14. 12)Exciting prizes worth of upto 1lakh.
  15. 13)Stay connected with us on Instagram,Facebook pages of OSMECON for more updates regarding the quiz.


  1. 1)Level 1 and 2- 25 minutes-25 questions.
  2. 2)Finals:30 minutes-30 questions.
  3. #stay home #stay safe
  1. Registrations for the quiz are closed.
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