OSMECON - 2022

● The 12th edition of the event was inaugurated by none other than renowned Ophthalmologist, Dr. G.N Rao, founder of LV Prasad Eye Institute. Dr. Rao, in his rousing speech, talked about how the college is renowned for its academics and research and encouraged students to work together with their peers, follow time management to reach greater heights and excel in the profession.

● The conference this year had 12 workshops, each giving a hands-on experience pertaining to different topics of medical importance.

● The four active events, including the Case, Poster, Paper Presentation and the Medical Symposium witnessed participation from students around the country and beyond.

● The nine passive events that ligated medical knowledge with a touch of creativity were thoroughly enjoyed by the delegates. It was a race against time as events like the Medquiz, Dare to Diagnose and Debate saw huge participation. Events like Art Attack, Graphilia, Invictus, Shuttermedics, Spell Bee and medical dumb charades created a huge buzz as they brought out the creative talents of the delegates as well.

● All in all, this year's conference witnessed the participation of over 2100 delegates.