"Become the face and voice of your college"
  • The Campus Ambassador role is incredibly varied and gives students a wide range of opportunities to enhance their personal development. It is an opportunity for students to step into a leadership role that will expand their network and cultivate their professional skills. It is now your chance to support and inspire your fellow students to witness one of the best international medical conferences of India.


  1. - Free basic registration
  2. - One free workshop
  3. - Certification
  4. - A chance to develop great communication skills
  5. - An opportunity to network and build ties in the medical community


  1. - Registration is based on “first come, first serve" criteria.
  2. - Each ambassador has to secure a minimum of 20 registrations from their respective colleges.


  1. Being the Campus Ambassador is a very beneficial experience and can help your personal and professional career to a great extent. It provides you with a bunch of opportunities along the path of medicine.

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