"Diseases do tell tales"

Histories have a way of letting clues peek through the curtains.
Can you lure them out of hiding and into the spotlight?
All it takes is that one idea to make the tangled web of differentials give way to the solution.
Think out of the box and connect the dots.
This is your chance to let the story unfold on stage.
The rarest cases compete to keep the audience on edge and remind us of the hidden depths of medicine.
Will your case be the one to awe us all?



  1. 1) Teams should consist of a maximum of two members. Individual presentations will also be accepted.
  2. 2) Only one delegate in the team is allowed to present the case. However questions can be answered by either of the team members.
  3. 3) The case presented should be original and interesting. It must be from any of the teaching hospitals affiliated to the delegate's college and must be followed up.
  4. 4) Abstract Submission:-
        a. The abstracts should not exceed 300 words.
        b. The last date for submission of abstracts is 15thJuly 2019.
        c. The abstracts should be in the form of word document (.doc or .docx).
        d. The abstracts should be in the format of Identification data of the patient, Presenting complaints, History, Examination Findings, Investigations, Differential Diagnosis, Treatment & Followup.
        e. The abstracts should also include a picture of the patient with care not to disclose the identity of the patient (e.g.masking the eyes) and the case sheet of the patient.
        f. A scanned copy of the attestation form given below, signed by the respective Head of the Department must be uploaded along with the abstract.
        g. The abstracts selected for presentation will be listed on the website on 20th July 2019 and the delegates will be given prior information.
  5. 5) The presentation is expected to be in the form of PowerPoint Presentation not exceeding 20 slides(.ppt or .pptx).
  6. 6) The Powerpoint Presentation is to be submitted at the latest by 1stAugust 2019 and cannot be edited after submission.
  7. 7) The presenter will be given a total of 6 minutes : 4 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questionnaire (both from the judges and audience).
  8. 8) Each session will have a winner which will be declared in the valedictory ceremony only.

Selected Abstracts

Decision regarding the selected abstracts, by the Faculty Advisors is final. No queries will be entertained in this regard. Selected cases must submit a copy of the case presentation on or before 1st August 2019.

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