● The event commenced with an inauguration ceremony, graced by the presence of Dr. Kakarla Subba Rao, an internationally renowned radiologist hailed as the Father of Radiology in India.

● A guest lecture was delivered by Dr. L. Narendranath, a distinguished Orthopaedic surgeon. He provided his insights on 'IT Solutions in Health Care', emphasising the pivotal role of technology in modern medical practices.

● The poster presentations revolved around the theme of '3-D Printing in Medicine' and 'Novel Drug Delivery Systems', showcasing cutting-edge advancements in medical technology.

● Spanning over three days, the event saw a gathering of over 1,000 delegates,

● Six workshops were conducted, each focusing on vital medical skills:

  • 1)Basic Life Support Skills
  • 2)Basic Surgical Skills
  • 3) ECG Interpretation
  • 4)Basic Medical Imaging,
  • 5)Obstetrics & Neonatology
  • 6)Orthopaedic Skills and Trauma Care.

● A debate on the topic 'National Exit Exam for MBBS' sparked intense discussions, engaging minds in thought-provoking dialogue on the future of medical education.

● Adding a creative touch to the event,‘Art Attack: Ecological Intelligence' showcased the artistic brilliance of participants in highlighting the importance of ecological awareness in the medical community.

OSMECON - 2015
OSMECON - 2015
OSMECON - 2015