"Navigating the Heart's Terrain"

ECG's secrets we'll unveil and share, step by step, with utmost care.
Emergencies bold, ACS in sight, electrolyte tales, shine the light.
ACLS rhythms, tachy and brady, heart's symphony, oh so ready! From normal tunes to sounds amiss, adventurous learning, pure bliss.
Join the beat, let's start anew, A cardiology journey, just for you.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


  • Conducted by : Department of Cardiology (Osmania General Hospital)
  • Duration : 7 hours
  • Slots : 100

Course Content:-

  1. 1) How to take an ECG (ECG leads placement).
  2. 2) Stepwise approach to reading an ECG.
  3. 3) Identification of common emergencies - Acute coronary Syndrome.
  4. 4) Tell-tale signs of Electrolyte imbalances.
  5. 5) Case discussions.
  6. 6) ACLS rhythms - Tachyarrythmia & Bradyarrythmia.
  7. 7) Heart Sounds - Normal and Abnormal.
  8. 8) Catheterization procedure and indications.
  9. 9) Echo