"Creativity meets Innovation"

When the world seems dystopian
We bring you an event away from the podium.
Problems might be umpteen, solutions only some.
Some child’s play, others herculean,
Think of us as a brain gymnasium.
Gather every capable friend,
Let’s see how much your minds bend.
Put your creative skills to test,
You might win, If you’re the best!
Read further and you’ll know the rest.
OSMECON 2021’s debut event, Colloquium provides an arena for medical students like you to discover and channel your flair for creativity and come up with unheralded solutions to challenging issues. Prepare yourself for three mindboggling and exciting rounds. Come onboard to sail through the waters of three seas (C’s) of the colloquium. The first sea called the COMPENDIUM, the second, CREATIVE DIGEST and the final sea called the COLLOQUY. Gear up to fire your neurons and proffer exceptional solutions to the contemporary issues.
In the event of stranding, we hope you’d know how to build a raft!


  1. 1.Colloquium is a 3 round event.
  2. 2.Team Criteria :
      a)Each team must consist of 4-6 members.
      b) All the team members must be undergraduates.
      c) Inter college teams are allowed.


  4. Round 1- COMPENDIUM
      a)There are 3 problem statements.
      b) Each problem statement will consist of a case scenario and questions addressing the issues in the case scenario.
      c) Only one of the 3 problem statements is allotted to each team after randomization.
      d) The solutions to the allotted problem statement must be sent in the form of an abstract.
      e) Details regarding the format of the abstract will be released along with the problem statement when Round-1 begins.
      f) The most feasible and innovative solutions will be selected for Round-2.


  6. Round 2 - CREATIVE DIGEST
      a)Each team is required to elaborate their solutions in creatively stimulating ways by using concept maps, drawings, flowcharts, network diagrams, pictures etc,etc. to visually represent your ideas and method of implementation.
      b)Specific details regarding the format of presentation of Round-2 will be released to the teams whose abstracts have been selected on the day Round-2 begins.
      c) The teams that manage to best showcase their creative and innovative side will make it to the finals.


  8. Round 3 - COLLOQUY
      a)The finalists will present their solutions in a PPTx format on an online platform to a panel of judges and audience.
      b)Only 1-2 speakers per team will be allowed to present their solutions.
      c)Further specific details regarding the presentation will be revealed when Round-3 begins for the winners of Round-2.


    The top 3 teams will win exciting cash prizes and much more.
    The top 3 creative digests will also have exciting prizes.
    Suggestion: Try to form a team with members who have different skill sets that are required to sail through all the 3 rounds and win the event!


    Afterall, winning at Osmecon in such a competitive event is one box to tick during undergrad!!!